What is instanect code ?

Instanect code is an eight letter/numeric code which is unique to you as a user. Why would I need an instanect code ? Isn't phone/email id unique?

The purpose of instanect code is to provide a unique id that does not change with your phones, emails , urls or any other changes

How can I sign up?

For now, you can download the app by searching on Google play store ( app name : Instanect ) or by pointing your browser here The sign up is absolutely free.

How do you use my data ?

We don't use /sell data to anyone. Only data is logged so as to ensure that application is running perfectly

Is instanect supposed to replace visiting card?

We never intend to replace visiting cards. They are convenient and colorful. We just want to provide you an additional option for you to exchange your data with your connections

How to I add details to my profile?

In the app, you can modify the data by clicking the drawer icon and then choosing "Edit my data" option

How do I select which details will show up for my contacts?

In the edit my data option above, you can select which data to share with your contacts

What information will a person not connected to me, see about me ?

For a non -connected contact, they will see

  • Your profile image
  • Your name
  • Your bio description
  • and your organization and position.
This is essential to them to connect with right person.

For a person connected to you , they will see any additional information that you shared by you in addition to above information