If you ever looked at your mobile and wondered if you had any way to not only share your contact information that is easy to store and search, this solution is your answer.

Not only you can share your contact details with people who you are professionally connected but also retrieve it when you need the most.

For eg the time when you need some information most

  • You have lost in touch with the person you met in that event
  • You lost your mobile or it was stolen from you
  • You want to keep in touch with your trusted contacts
  • You want to share information that which you deem fit to share

Instanect as your savior

We don't call it an app because app limits it to a platform it stereotypes the complete solution that we plan to offer

Instead it is a solution to help you organize your life and get the information when you need it the most.

But the question on your mind is , I have the backup and I can always restore from it, if I have lost my phone.

Well that is correct!!

In-fact it is a great strategy to prevent any loss of personal information.

But backup is kinda dry if you agree. A backup just saves contacts but it does not tell you, what made you first connect with them.

Also a backup does not allow to make modification to your information, for example updating your phone number and having it sync in real time for your contacts. That way they have the latest information, while you don't lose any.

And that you can utilize either your phone or your web browser ( no we dont incentivize one over other ) to get whatever information you want. Infact a few people we have interacted with do not wish to have a mobile. We told them that it is not a problem as you can do almost similar stuff on web as well.

Okay I am getting a hang of it , tell me more

Cool! As we said , we do not believe that just calling the complete solution as app does any justice to it.

So we added a simple code called as instanect code. It is a unique code based on your first name ( reminds us to tell you to fill your first name correctly ) ;). You can share this code with your friends / business contacts and they can just fill it to retreive your information ( rather than attempting that usual search feature, which is also included by the way )

You get an approval request and you approve it. Thus you are connected and you can see each other's information without moving from your couch ( except to start wifi, we guess )

Okay I am convinced, how much does it cost ?

Well it costs nothing ( except for your connection costs ) to use. Of course we will keep adding features that some of you will find appealing and would like to buy from us. But it is free for everyone to use for the features explained above

What about my data privacy?

Yeah, it is very important to be cautious about the privacy because our information is scattered everywhere. So here are a few things we suggest

  • Connect with people only you know ( it is good to connect with a million people but then a million people see your information )
  • Allow sharing of only that information that does not invade your privacy ( for eg. share only your email if necessary )
  • App provides an ability to select the information you can share with your contact. We are working to bring you more features on this area )

What additional features I foresee ?

If we just leave it as it is, you wouldn't be impressed , right ? ( if you are not already ) . So we plan to add a host of features like

  • Sharing select contact information with different group of people
  • Having a list
  • Marking contacts as your favorite
  • Display your skills in their full glory
  • Search contacts by skills.

We could go on and on but competition would get a whiff and start copying features one by one