Stay connected, always updated

A new way of making connections

You get your own 8 digit instanect code, the moment you sign up. Connect to other contact just using this code

All of their approved contact details will be in your phone

instanect code

Connect even when offline

Let us say, you are at an event where network is patchy. Can you connect with people over there?

Yes, just ask for their instanect codes and add to your app, offline. When you are in network, the app will send connect requests to all of them, so that you don't have to worry about missed contacts

Connect Offline - instanect

Invite your friends with just an sms

When you select a contact from your address book, the app creates a ready made SMS/email invitation

Just send the SMS/email to your contact and they can connect with you in no time


Share your preferred contact details only

Add any contact detail ( for example an address,phone or email ), mark it as checked and it is shared across your contacts

Update details - instanect

Share / unshare contact details

Don't want to share your phone or email for a few days?

No problem. Just click a checkbox and those details are removed from your connections' mobiles

Share unshare - isntanect

Just like a phone book, but more advanced

Use instanect as phone/email/address book and yet see the advantages of having a completely updated list in your phone

No need to send message such as "Here is my new number"

instanect - advanced phonebook